We had a “Traditional-DENTOU-” event in NY Brooklyn with Geisha Kikuno from Nara Prefecture Ganrinin Japan. This event was held to get more people to know Japanese traditional performing arts and techniques. Calligrapher MAAYA WAKASUGI also participated in the event and exhibited and sold his works and lanterns drawn by lantern illustrator Maruya and also sold KUROSAWA scissors. Event held in NY Brooklyn We borrowed the event space at J-COLLABO in Brooklyn. Many people came to see Geisha Kikuno’s dance and MAAYA WAKASUGI’s powerful calligraphy show. Calligrapher MAAYA WAKASUGI has become a very popular artist in Japan and abroad, including performing at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Geisha […]

ORIGIN STORIES OF JAPAN with BELLA GAIA-A traditional beat that resonate the future and the world -Pre-event Date: May 30, 2015 (Sat)  Venue: Himuro Shrine, Nara Prefecture From that thought that we want to hold BELLA GAIA (Bellagaia) that we had a relationship with in NY with Geisha Kikuno in Nara, we had been working with a member of the executive committee for 7 years. Overcoming various problems, we were able to hold a pre-event of “Bella Gaia’s Japanese Story” in Nara on May 24th st year. We were able to write a small project book over and over again for many years, finally hold it, and ended with great […]

In 2014, we held an event in NY to spread Japanese traditional performing arts overseas with Kikuno who belongs to Ganriinkagai in Nara prefecture. We borrowed a tea room in Manhattan NY and had guests see geisha dances and had them experience the Geisha geisha entertainment with serving sake. Japanese sake with the Geisha Kikuno label This time, we brought the sake which we asked Harushika Sake Brewery in Nara Prefecture with the Kikuno label to NY. Everyone became interested in Japanese tradition and sake, and it became a very lively event. Exhibition of geisha kimonos We wanted to have overseas visitors to take a look the kimonos that geisha […]

ORIGIN STORIES OF JAPAN with BELLA GAIA-A traditional beat that resonate the future and the world -Pre-event Date: May 24, 2014 (Sat) Venue: Yakushiji, Nara Prefecture, Mahoroba Hall A project that allows us to communicate and experience the earth, the world, Japan, and traditions that we want to pass on to future generations. The BELLA GAIA show is a fusion of projections of images observed by NASA satellite and music played by violinist Kenji Williams.This time around the BELLA GAIA, it will be a collaboration event newly created without being bound by one concept of Japanese traditional performing arts, Japanese dance, shamisen, guitar, and gagaku. A multimedia show that you […]

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