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ORIGIN STORIES OF JAPAN with BELLA GAIA-A traditional beat that resonate the future and the world -Pre-event

  • Date: May 30, 2015 (Sat)
  •  Venue: Himuro Shrine, Nara Prefecture

From that thought that we want to hold BELLA GAIA (Bellagaia) that we had a relationship with in NY with Geisha Kikuno in Nara, we had been working with a member of the executive committee for 7 years.
Overcoming various problems, we were able to hold a pre-event of “Bella Gaia’s Japanese Story” in Nara on May 24th st year. We were able to write a small project book over and over again for many years, finally hold it, and ended with great praise. And finally! This year, the event was held on May 30th at Himuro Shrine.

The show connecting BELLA GAIA and Japanese tradition.

In Japan, most people may not know this BELLAGAIA, but it has already been held all over the world. We launched the “Nara Ganriingaikagai Reconstruction Project” with Geisha Kikuno and participated in this BELLA GAIA in order to let people all over the world know the inherited culture and tradition.



A mysterious show in which traditional Japanese performing arts overlap with the sounds of violin and the images observed by NASA satellite

This is a project where you can communicate and experience the earth, the world, Japan, and traditions that you want to convey to future generations. The BELLA GAIA show is a fusion of projections of images observed by NASA satellite and music played by violinist Kenji Williams. Centered on BELLA GAIA, it is a newly created collaboration event without being bound by one concept of Japanese traditional performing arts, Japanese dance, shamisen, and koto.

A multimedia show that you can feel with your five senses

A multimedia show that you can see with your eyes and hear with your five senses conveys your feelings like never before. Nara has a great influence on the history of Japanese religion and culture, and has many national treasures. Nara is the beginning of the city. Nara Prefecture has a history of over 1300 years and is worthy of representing Japan. That is why we wanted to do this event in Nara. Nara is said to be the end of the Silk Road East. This is a project that starts the road from Yakushiji Temple, a wonderful world heritage site, to convey the splendor of the earth, the world, Japan, and tradition through art to more people.


Stage at Himuro Shrine

We prayed for the success of the stage at Himuro Shrine in Nara, where we borrowed a place for the show. We are really happy to have an event in such a place. We were able to finish the mysterious show safely on the really great weather day.


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