We held an event in Kashihara City, Nara Prefecture for the purpose of inheriting Japanese Ozashiki culture and cultivating successors in collaboration with the six Kagai of Nara, Fukushima, Shizuoka, Fukui, Gifu, and Ehime.   Tsurukame Nagauta “Tsurukame” was performed with the intention of congratulating the generations to congratulate the concession from Heisei to Reiwa. In general, it is called “improvisational collaboration” when geisha from all over Japan meet and perform、It is also call “Kyouji” which meaning pride by Karyukai. Starting from the dance of the local Ganriin Geisha, the geisha who came from various places performed. This is a unique act of Hana Akari. Dinner show “Taketori Monogatari” “Taketori […]

May 26, 2019 Geisha and Maiko came to Nara from all over the country, and they performed a dedication on the stage at Kashihara Jingu. Their dance in the sacred place took place in a dignified atmosphere. They dedicate the music of Taketori story, Tsurukame We newly read “Taketori Monogatari” and created an original by fusing video / electronic music with traditional Japanese music, and performed a dedication of the stage where Geisha and Maiko danced at Kashihara Jingu. The performance by Ionka kur player Terawaki Soni reverberated in Jingu and became a reverberating performance.

March 15, 2019 (Friday): Around Nara and Ganriin, we walked around the Naramachi with Geiko to guide us, and held a Ozashiki lecture where you can learn how to play and learn how to behave with real intentions . We guided around 30 guests and walked around Ganriin with Kikuno Geino, Professor Tezukayama University and Prof. Atsushi Nishiyama. Talk show at Ashibinosato We took a walk around Naramachi, and then talked about what the Naramachi walk is and geisha by Geiko Kikuno and Prof. Atsushi Nishiyama. A course of wonderful behavior taught by geisha We talked about the difference between Geiko and Maiko and the work and meaning to wear […]

On February 25th, 2018, 21Kagai from all over Japan gathered in Nara Prefecture to hold the 3rd Naramachi Hanaakari event. We hold events from the desire to connect geisha cultures to future generations in cooperation with Geisha performers all over Japan.     1.Photo session We held a photo session with Geiko as a model. Under the guidance of professional photographers, everyone enjoyed shooting with their own cameras along with the beautiful background of Nara. 2.Large banquet People who are new to the geisha or who do not have a connection are often refused, but everyone can enjoy it. It was a special night where Geiko from all over Japan […]

In December 2017, we rented a special place in Yushima and made sushi a luxurious meal collaboration with Sushi Isshin. Their Sushi is very delicious. All the staff were waiting for this day! We think that the customers who came to the event were also satisfied! This event is a place where Geisha Kikuno comes to Tokyo and can experience Japanese hospitality culture such as dance and Japanese-style room play with a different guest each time. Geisha, perform anywhere! We were able to see beautiful dances in a familiar place than usual because we were spoiled by the encouraging words of Geisha Kikuno. This is also a luxury in this […]

In October 2017, we went to an elementary school in NY because we wanted children from abroad to know beautiful Japanese traditions. We have been showing geisha , explaining Japanese culture, musical instruments and kimono, and dancing. We would be happy if children were able to remember Japanese culture through this visit. We also set up a question time and received various questions like Why Geisha use white foundation for makeup? What does the kimono pattern mean? etc…. All of them answered the guests question to let them understand correctly. Guests were curious about the tone produced by Terawaki Soni Terawaki is a Japanese flute player and Australian instrument Didgeridoo […]

In October 2017, at Hunter University in NY we held “NY Hanakari” to convey Japanese traditional performing arts to the world correctly. Interview to get to know Geisha and traditional Japanese performing arts correctly This time, we had three Hanamachi members participate in the interviews and talked about their current situation, how to live as a geisha, their dress and kimono. Participants asked them, “Is the Geisha hairstyle using own hair? What about kimono patterns and what are you studying as Maiko?”A 3hanamachi geisha talked to everyone about contents to decode geisha. Also they talked about what is the Shinobue flute made of that Terawaki Soni plays ? Etc.We were […]

August 2017 Nara Ganriin kagai’s Geisha Kikuno and Maiko Kikukame expedition and Tsuruya Edo this time collaborated on the outing kitchen of Yasuo Takada. In this event, Geisha Kikuno comes to Edo and guests can experience Japanese hospitality culture such as dance and parlor play with different guests every time. Hajime Omuro offering carefully selected sake. Mr. Omuro, who carefully selected the six types of liquor that suits the concept, is the sixth-generation owner of the sake store “Shimenouchi Co., Ltd.” in Fuchu City, Tokyo. After working for Kyoto sake brewing company Gekkeikan, he succeeded the family brewery “Shimeuchi”.He also has a “Naokai Stand Miya” standing tavern where delicious sake […]

On February 25th 2017, 11 Kagai from all over Japan gathered in Nara Prefecture to hold the 2nd NaraMachi Hanna Akari event. Geisha from all over Japan are helping each other, and events are held with the desire to connect to future generations.     1.Yamato dance At the Naramachi Center, 11 Kagai Geisha performed their own traditional various dances. Mr. Onosaki (from Housengiren) told us about the features of each region in an interview. I hope you enjoyed the part that is not just dance. A joint performance unique to Hana Akari Normally, each kagai has few exchanges, but the exchanges were deepened through hanaakari, and this time the […]

It is said that there are about 30 to 40 kagai in Japan, but since there is no connection between kagai’s peers, the world of geisha is so closed that even peers do not know the number or existence of kagai. In Nara, there is a geisha who is becoming alone due to the decline of kagai. If she dies, the geisha culture will stop in Nara. Geisha Kikuno entered the geisha world from the age of 15. With her struggling to connect the geisha culture desperately, we set up a reconstruction project to spread Geisha / (Geisha). At our meeting with Geisha Kikuno, she said, “I wish kagai’s Geisha […]

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