Naramachi Hanaakari Related Projects in March 2019】

Event Details

March 15, 2019 (Friday): Around Nara and Ganriin, we walked around the Naramachi with Geiko to guide us, and held a Ozashiki lecture where you can learn how to play and learn how to behave with real intentions .


We guided around 30 guests and walked around Ganriin with Kikuno Geino, Professor Tezukayama University and Prof. Atsushi Nishiyama.

Talk show at Ashibinosato

We took a walk around Naramachi, and then talked about what the Naramachi walk is and geisha by Geiko Kikuno and Prof. Atsushi Nishiyama.

芸妓菊乃 西山厚教授

A course of wonderful behavior taught by geisha

We talked about the difference between Geiko and Maiko and the work and meaning to wear kimono, as a person who living in Hanamachi.


鳳川伎連 喜久次

Perform a dance

Performed “Nara Ondo” by Ganriin ’s Geiko and Maiko.

After that, Geino Kikuno and Terawaki Soni performed new traditional performing arts.
From the idea that traditional performing arts will evolve and connect, this time we delivered in a new collaboration with Terawaki Soni who was also a member of the former rock band.

We took a commemorative photo with the performer after the event.Through the “Hanaakari” event, we are doing activities to get as many people as possible to know about Geisha correctly.

元林院花街 鳳川伎連


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