Dedication at Kashihara Jingu in May 2019

Event Details

May 26, 2019 Geisha and Maiko came to Nara from all over the country, and they performed a dedication on the stage at Kashihara Jingu. Their dance in the sacred place took place in a dignified atmosphere.


They dedicate the music of Taketori story, Tsurukame

We newly read “Taketori Monogatari” and created an original by fusing video / electronic music with traditional Japanese music, and performed a dedication of the stage where Geisha and Maiko danced at Kashihara Jingu.

The performance by Ionka kur player Terawaki Soni reverberated in Jingu and became a reverberating performance.

イオンカ・ディジュリドゥ奏者 曽爾テラワキ橿原神宮 芸妓舞子奉納橿原神宮 芸妓舞子奉納

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