Visit to NY Elementary School PS198

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In October 2017, we went to an elementary school in NY because we wanted children from abroad to know beautiful Japanese traditions.
We have been showing geisha , explaining Japanese culture, musical instruments and kimono, and dancing. We would be happy if children were able to remember Japanese culture through this visit. We also set up a question time and received various questions like Why Geisha use white foundation for makeup? What does the kimono pattern mean? etc…. All of them answered the guests question to let them understand correctly.


NYの小学校へ芸者と日本伝統芸能者と共に訪問 NYの小学校へ芸者と日本伝統芸能者と共に訪問

Guests were curious about the tone produced by Terawaki Soni

Terawaki is a Japanese flute player and Australian instrument Didgeridoo player. Since it was difficult to carry the instrument on this trip, we made the instrument using materials from NY. He performed the mysterious tone in front of the children.


Performing Japanese instruments, sounds and dances

Japanese musical instruments, sounds and kimono geisha and maiko culture that children will see for the first time. We would be happy if we could leave a beautiful Japanese impression in the hearts of pure children. And we want them to come to Japan someday! Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity.


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