【1st NY Hanakari】 in Hunter University

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In October 2017, at Hunter University in NY we held “NY Hanakari” to convey Japanese traditional performing arts to the world correctly.



Interview to get to know Geisha and traditional Japanese performing arts correctly

This time, we had three Hanamachi members participate in the interviews and talked about their current situation, how to live as a geisha, their dress and kimono. Participants asked them, “Is the Geisha hairstyle using own hair? What about kimono patterns and what are you studying as Maiko?”A 3hanamachi geisha talked to everyone about contents to decode geisha. Also they talked about what is the Shinobue flute made of that Terawaki Soni plays ? Etc.We were impressed that the customers listened seriously about Japanese culture and performing arts.


Show off each Hanamachi dance

This time, 3hanamachi from Nara prefecture, Ehime prefecture and Kochi prefecture participated and we asked them to perform a special joint performance for only this event. 3 hanamachi The dances from each Hanamachi and the dance of all the members were beautiful and attracted many customers. We also played “Hana Akari Orchestra” which is currently distributing music. Terawaki Soni arranges the song, making it a new form of Japanese music.


Geisha Ozashiki-asobi experience

Ehime Prefecture’s Ozashiki-asobi (Geisha’s entertainment at private room dinner) a baseball game call “Yakyu-ken” is a universal game that turns the atmosphere of the venue into a laugh. A simple gesture was also learned by foreigner guests, and it was a great excitement to play with parlor. In addition, Nara Ganriin Hanamachi performed Konpira Funefune as an introduction. We had customers go up on the stage and enjoyed together.



Commemorative photo with NY staff and Hunter University staff. It was a trip that we learned a lot!



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