National Geisha Promotion Event 【2nd Narimachi Hana Akari】

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On February 25th 2017, 11 Kagai from all over Japan gathered in Nara Prefecture to hold the 2nd NaraMachi Hanna Akari event. Geisha from all over Japan are helping each other, and events are held with the desire to connect to future generations.




1.Yamato dance

At the Naramachi Center, 11 Kagai Geisha performed their own traditional various dances.


Mr. Onosaki (from Housengiren) told us about the features of each region in an interview. I hope you enjoyed the part that is not just dance.


A joint performance unique to Hana Akari

Normally, each kagai has few exchanges, but the exchanges were deepened through hanaakari, and this time the joint performance came true. Performed by Gifu prefecture Housengiren, Fukui prefecturee  Geisha Association, Tokyo OoiGeishaOkiya Namiki.
When Geisha Moria from the Hamamachi Geisha Association injured her arm, as a help to get back, Housengiren’s Houken Kikuji took on a new challenge with them. There was also a performance that was made from that place, and it was a fun content.

Nara’s “Yamato Odori” Geisha Kikuno’s dance attracts viewers. It was really great.


2.Large Banquet

A large banquet was held at Shikitei, Kikusuirou, and Nara Hotel in Nara City at night. Geiko performers from various parts of Japan showed performances to the guests.


3.Symposium held

In collaboration with Nara City, we performed for free. Mr. Gen Nakagawa, the mayor of Nara, also came to greet and gave us an opportunity to talk about Geisha.

  1. We invited writer Sumi Asahara to hold a keynote speech. He talked about the theme of “Hanamachi’s history and relationship with Nara”.
  2.  Dance performance Performed by children’s maiko
  3. Talk session: On the theme of connecting the spirit of hanamachi to future generations奈良市長仲川げん ライター浅原須美芸者イベント花あかり子供舞妓芸者イベント花あかり芸者
  • 4.Ganriin Kagai Sake Bar

Centered on Ganriin kagai, the plan is for guests to enjoy Geisha’s hospitality and different sake and different dishes at each participating store. It became a popular project that tickets were sold out immediately.


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