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We had a “Traditional-DENTOU-” event in NY Brooklyn with Geisha Kikuno from Nara Prefecture Ganrinin Japan. This event was held to get more people to know Japanese traditional performing arts and techniques. Calligrapher MAAYA WAKASUGI also participated in the event and exhibited and sold his works and lanterns drawn by lantern illustrator Maruya and also sold KUROSAWA scissors.


Event held in NY Brooklyn

We borrowed the event space at J-COLLABO in Brooklyn. Many people came to see Geisha Kikuno’s dance and MAAYA WAKASUGI’s powerful calligraphy show. Calligrapher MAAYA WAKASUGI has become a very popular artist in Japan and abroad, including performing at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.NYでのDentouイベント

NYでのDentouイベント出演者の書道家MAAYA WAKASUGI

Geisha Kikuno holds a parlor experience event in New York

We hold an event to help people who live in NY know about Japanese geisha culture. This year, the scale was a little larger than last year, and guests were able to feel free to experience playing in the tatami room and performed arts such as Kikuno’s dance. Many people enjoyed the translation by explaining about the geisha in English and explaining the traditions and the meaning of the performing arts. We would like our guests know that Geishas are not only beautiful but also entertaining the atmosphere by they are performing arts.


Geisha joins the NY collection

From the idea that it would be interesting if someday geisha could walk on the NY collection runway, we went to see the actual collection together as a geisha in the future. In a way, we might have been more prominent than the model at the venue. And the geisha kimono looked very beautiful at there. We always thinks that someday we can do something together on the world stage.



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