Nationwide Geisha Promotion Event 【Third Time Naramachi Akari】

Event Details

On February 25th, 2018, 21Kagai from all over Japan gathered in Nara Prefecture to hold the 3rd Naramachi Hanaakari event. We hold events from the desire to connect geisha cultures to future generations in cooperation with Geisha performers all over Japan.





1.Photo session

We held a photo session with Geiko as a model. Under the guidance of professional photographers, everyone enjoyed shooting with their own cameras along with the beautiful background of Nara.

2.Large banquet

People who are new to the geisha or who do not have a connection are often refused, but everyone can enjoy it. It was a special night where Geiko from all over Japan took a seat to pour sake around to guests and performed a tatami room play and dance.


This time, We asked geisha from all over Japan to dance with the same standard title performance … But the choreography was different with each areas!  This was an interesting discovery.


3.National Hanamachi Next Generation Creativity Summit

西尾久美子教授ならまち花あかり ならまち花あかりサミット ならまち花あかり松山検番千代鷺


4.Yamato Odori (dance)



It was a stage for the traditional performing arts that can only be seen there, such as the joint performances and unique dances of each Kagai. Mr. Onozaki of Housengiren (Gifu Prefecture) interviewed Geisha and Maiko in various parts of Japan, and everyone answered that they would not know if they didn’t go to the land.


Last greeting by Geisha Kikuno, representative of Ganriin Kagai (Nara Prefecture)


We took a commemorative photo with everyone who appeared at Yamato Dance this time.


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