National Geisha Promotion Event “The 4th Yamato Odori”

Event Details

We held an event in Kashihara City, Nara Prefecture for the purpose of inheriting Japanese Ozashiki culture and cultivating successors in collaboration with the six Kagai of Nara, Fukushima, Shizuoka, Fukui, Gifu, and Ehime.




Nagauta “Tsurukame” was performed with the intention of congratulating the generations to congratulate the concession from Heisei to Reiwa. In general, it is called “improvisational collaboration” when geisha from all over Japan meet and perform、It is also call “Kyouji” which meaning pride by Karyukai.

Starting from the dance of the local Ganriin Geisha, the geisha who came from various places performed. This is a unique act of Hana Akari.



Dinner show “Taketori Monogatari”

“Taketori Monogatari” will be played in a new genre called “Wambient”, which is a collaboration between electronic musical instruments and traditional musical instruments. In addition, geisha and others went to each seat to pour sake and dance. Their dance was an original performance that allowed them to understand new traditional performing arts.

芸妓 菊乃花あかり鳳川伎連花あかり舞子

The performance using piano tones, electronic musical instruments and various musical instruments was also worth seeing.

Unlike traditional music, the composition by the performer Soni Terawaki gives a more mysterious impression. It was a powerful stage such as collaboration with Ionka kur.

曽爾テラワキ花あかり 久米秀憲

Reading a story

Stories that are important for linking the stage and content, this time we have read them in reading.

The reading by MAKOTO, who is now a musician at the former geisha, was a wonderful reminder of various scenes.


More mysterious production with video

A mysterious view of the world was produced by video by Takahiro Uemura.It became a new way of showing traditional performing arts like never before.

A stage by 2 Hanamachi

In addition to the Taketori story, we performed a stage by 2 Hanamachi.“Byakkotai” was performed from Higashiyama Onsen Geisha Cooperative in Fukushima Prefecture.We received a lot of great habits from our customers, with a performance that matched the breath of their parents and children.

白虎隊 東山温泉芸妓屋協同組合

Shizuoka Prefecture Izu Nagaoka Performing Arts Cooperative unveiled “Shishi-mai”. The lion dance performed in Geisha was very sexy and attracted the viewers. It was a lion dance that ran around the stage and was full of power.

獅子舞 伊豆長岡芸能事業協同組合獅子舞 伊豆長岡芸能事業協同組合

Hana Akari held in Nara Prefecture for the 4th time

Naramachi-Hanaakari celebrated its fourth in 2019.

We hope that many people will know that Geiko and Maiko are all over Japan. We all hope that this circle will spread all over the world.

花あかり  芸者 芸妓 舞子

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