National Geisha Promotion Event【1st Naramachi Hanaakari】

Event Details

It is said that there are about 30 to 40 kagai in Japan, but since there is no connection between kagai’s peers, the world of geisha is so closed that even peers do not know the number or existence of kagai. In Nara, there is a geisha who is becoming alone due to the decline of kagai. If she dies, the geisha culture will stop in Nara. Geisha Kikuno entered the geisha world from the age of 15. With her struggling to connect the geisha culture desperately, we set up a reconstruction project to spread Geisha / (Geisha). At our meeting with Geisha Kikuno, she said, “I wish kagai’s Geisha in Japan could do something together, and if other area’s kagai geishas could handed over the kagai skillful performing arts (dance, singing, and knowledge) that are being lost are in kagai, the geisha culture may not stop.” The Hanaakari event began with those her words.

Participation of 8 Hanamachi nationwide is decided

We were able to participate in the event with the relationship of 8hanamachi to move forward for not to close the geisha culture while removing the barriers of our peers and keeping hands together.




Nara Ganrinin Kagai representative Kikuno Ono

I am Kikuno who is active as a Geisha (Geijgi/Geiko) at Kagai/Geisha District in Nara prefecture where called Ganrinin, also an organizer of “HANAAKARI”, the event that audiences can enjoy Japanese traditional music and performing arts.
When I started this event, it has been performed with a small numbers of Geisha and Maiko. Nowadays, it became the only event in the world that participated by many Geisha and Maiko from all over Japan.The art should be alive forever.We took away the wall of each Kagai district, and founded “HANAAKARI” in order to make further efforts to inform succession of traditions, traditional Japanese culture, and also about Geisha/Maiko correctly. While keeping close coordination with colleagues of all over Japan, this project is aimed at disseminating the succession of traditional Japanese culture to the world, as well as the training and development of successors.Moreover, contributing to encourage the whole country of Japan.

Kikuno ono


1. National Hanamachi Traditional Performing Arts Symposium

We wanted to know as many people as possible about the current state of Kagai and geisha (geisha), so we gave a free lecture.


At the end of the event, Kikuno and Kikugame greeted customers. We would be happy that many people took pictures of them and spread them as much as possible.

2.Dance performance Yamato dance

Nara has gathered from 8 hanamachi nationwide, and it has become a gorgeous content where guests can see the dances of various places at once. It seems that the geishas realized that different style of dancing from other hanamachi geisha after they meet each other.They also felt that for the first time, there are different styles of how to tie the kimono obi-belt. They also exchanged information like which hairdresser is good, or what ingredient is good to mix with for geisha white makeup . It seems that 8 hanamachi event was also a place for information exchange for them. We would be glad if the geisha were able to work together on this occasion.

We introduced Geisha (geisha / geisha) from various places through dances and interviews. The host was Mr. Onozaki of Housengiren.

3.Large Banquet

Geisha (geisha), maiko (maiko), and Houken from all over Japan who usually cannot meet unless the customer goes to the their areas gathered together to welcome customers. In particular, we think that the parlors in various places were worth seeing.


4.Sake Bar

We cooperated with a store in a shopping street where Nara Ganriin Hanamachi Geisha Kikuno is indebted, we held a sake bar where guests can enjoy with one coin.





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