Ionka kur ・ Japanese flute player


He began to play the piano and began his career as a musician when he was young. He studied under Elder in Northeast Arnhemland, Australia, Jalou Gulwiwi and his son Larry Gulwiwi.He is one of the few Japanese who have been recognized as a family and have been officially accepted. He is also a one-of-a-kind artist who performs all kinds of flute such as electronic musical instruments, Ionka kur, Shinobue, Bansuri, and Irish flute, and performs music composition and arrangement.

・Original music can be viewed
Title : Emergence

Title : Parent-child merry-go-round


On the other hand, as a member of the traveling orchestra “Seikatsu Circus”, he has also participated in events throughout Japan such as the Fuji Rock Festival and Rock on the Rock. He is currently working as an exclusive musician for Atsuko Asano’s “Kojiki Reading Story” project, and from rock to folk music and ambient music, exploring “Japanese ambient” while exploring Japanese-like timbres.




  • Since 1999, he has met the indigenous Australian aboriginal flute “Didaridu” and performed on the street with his own bamboo Idaki.
  • Participated as a member synthesizer of rock band “Seikatsu Circus” from 2003 to 2015 and participated in Fuji Rock Festival. Studied with Elder of Arnhem Land, Australia, Jalou Gulwiwi and his son Larry Gulwiwi. One of the few Japanese who have been officially accepted and greeted as a family.
  • In 2014, the sound production team “Hidaki Support” was started in Hida Takayama.
  • In 2014, he met Kikuno Ono and held an event to convey Japanese traditions.


About Ionka kur

Ionka kur is said to be a musical instrument of the “Whistle that sounds like a terrestrial sound” originated from the Ainu people, which has inherited ancient Jomon culture. This instrument is a very long, single-tube flute that is characterized by low harmonics, well over 1 meter. When the Ainu people use the word “I”, they are afraid to substitute their existence so that their name cannot be called. There is no doubt that it is an encrypted word. The instrument is the same as the Australian indigenous Aboriginal whistle “Idaki” (Didgerido).


What is a Wafu-teki (Japanese flute)

This word does not exist in the world yet. This name was given because it refers to playing whistles such as Shinobue, Bansuri, and Ionka kur while adhering to the sounds of traditional Japanese performing arts.


Current activities

He performs live performances tailored to the content and stage of Atsuko Asano’s “Kojiki Storytelling”. He also performs stage music production, in-store music production at department stores and banks, dedication performances to temples and shrines, and traditional Japanese culture traditions along with geisha and maiko.




About music production

He is good at producing music that mixes the acoustic sounds of Japanese flute and life, mainly electric instruments (synthesizers).
He is good at shaping what is required from rock to Japanese tones, but he produces original songs with a particular focus on ambient sound. He can listen to the content, image, time, etc. and then produce the music. Please feel free to contact us.


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