Hokan is a profession where people can perform their own arts at banquets and Ozashiki dinners, and also help geisha and maiko. Houkan was also called “Taikomochi”, “Man Geisha”, etc., and was also called “Tayu Shu” with respect. The Chinese character “Hou” means to help, and “Kan” means between people, that is, human relations, and these two words combine to help human relations. It is said that Hokan is also a fun part of the fun and excitement when the conversation breaks between entertainers and entertainers during the banquet, enter into between the guests and the geisha.



Houkan is now said to be an endangered occupation with only 7 people in Tokyo and only 2 in Gifu in Japan.



With the spirit of entertaining and hospitality by Geiko, built by the blessing of the clear stream Nagara River with the name “HousenUkai’s “NagaragawaFunaasobi” has been handed down from the Edo period to the present day as an entertainment culture unique to Gifu.They were established in 2001 with the resurgence of “Gifu Maiko” to convey this tradition to the current generation. Housen Giren includes Kikuji and Tatsuji of male geisha “Houkan” who also became the model of NHKBS Premium program “Father’s Flower Spring-Gifu, Nagara river Houkan documentary” in 2013. That’s the reason also why they are attracting attention from all over Japan.

鳳川伎連喜久次 鳳川伎連


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