Ganriin-Kagai Maiko Kikunami

舞子 菊浪

She learns Nagata, shamisen, Japanese dance, Kouta, calligraphy, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and Ohayashi at Kagai and Ganriin in Nara Prefecture. Now she performs performances and events all over Japan with Kikuno, and works to restore the declined Kagayi performing arts and spread Japanese hospitality culture to the next generation.

舞子 菊浪 奈良元林院花街


There is a teahouse “Tsuruya” run by Geisha Kikuno in Nara Prefecture. What she keeps in mind is “the best hospitality”, “the best space”, “the best thanks”. There is a space where you can enjoy sake with Geisha and Maiko in a wonderful space based on the three top concepts of Tsuruya. Please feel free to come.

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