Matsuyama-Kenban Geisha Chiyoro

松山検番千代鷺Chiyoro, a geisha belonging to Kagai call Matsuyama-Kenban in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture. She is active as a geisha with her sister Yachiyoro. She participated in the 1st Hanakari, and has also appeared in NY events, and danced with her sisters gorgeously and attracted the audience. She is also entertain with “Yakyuken”, which is said to be a local performing art from Ehime Matsuyama.



Matsuyama Kenban

Matsuyama Kenban our activities will continue from the old days of her past seniors, and Matsuyama’s Ozashiki culture will once again take root in the present day, as well as as a night show and as a base for various other activities.


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