Niigata Furumachi Geigi Aoi


After finishing high school, started her Geiko career from Geiko academy in Niigata, and established her own Okiya “Tsuno” in 2014. While playing an active part in Niigata Geiko world, she also works as a model, publicized in many forms of media including TV commercials, posters, and performances in overseas.



Niigata Furumachi Geigi

Niigata Furumachi is known as one of the top three Geiko town next to Gion in Kyoto, Shinbashi in Tokyo. The port town has flourished it’s 200 years of history with gorgeous traditional restaurants and Geiko performances.

【Recent work】

2022:     TV Commercial for “ReFa (a showerhead brand)”

2021:     Book “Aoi no Aruku Michi (Aoi’s road)” from Niigata Nipposha

2019:     Commercial for “Niigata Nippo Otona plus”

Radio DJ: “Furumachi no Aoi goto” Niigata Radio (every Sat)


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