Casting for Japanese traditional performers

We do Japanese traditional performers castings also we do negotiation the guarantees and terms.

In addition, we will provide to any request such as events, website, flyers, advertisements, and commercials, etc. Please feel free to contact us.

Our unique network with Geisha, Maiko and Houkan (which is male geisha) from all over Japan can quickly achieve the castings you want.Also, please leave us the case where the content is fixed but you do not know what kind of performers are match, we will make appropriate casting proposals based on your needs, target attributes, budget, etc




Casting traditional performers as models

We can make proposals that match your ideals.We can also arrange hair and makeup artists and photographers if needed for your production.



We also accept music production requests.

We can also produce custom music for events and TV commercials when you need them.We will listen to your requests and make suggestions.イオンカ曽爾テラワキ


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