The history of potteries in Nara dates back to the production of roof tiles, religious treasures, and the ritual tools of temples and shrines during the construction the ancient capital Heijo-kyo. It came to be called "Nishi no kyo Dokiza" (a group of potters in Nishi no kyo area) in 14th-15th century, when the potterers are believed to have resided in Nishi no kyo or around Mt. Gojo and Mt. Akahada.

Later, under the reign of the lord Toyotomi Hidenaga in Ya-mato Koriyama, the name "Aka-hadayaki" has become popular thanks to Doki-za, a group of potters, who produced tools for tea ceremony. He also invited a famous potter Yokuro from Toko-name. Under the instruction of Yokuro, Akahadayaki became well-known nationwide and was produced by skilful potters such as Okuda Mokuhaku in 19th century.

Takaaki Takeda

Potter / writer of Akahadayaki/ producer

Takaaki Takeda studied at Kinki University in the Ceramics department where he learned under Mr. Oshio Tamaizumi (for over 13 years).
In 1983 he began building kilns or furnaces.
In 1987 he became independent from his teacher.
In 1991 in Naramachi, he renovated an old building dating back over 130 years (the former Gangoji Temple Jinaimachi) and founded the Yasushi-ya workshop.
In 2002 he dedicated The Tenmoku bowl to Todaji Hall of The Great Buddha. For the 800-year memorial of the anniversary of the death of the holy priest Saidaiji Eison he dedicated The Ochamori bowl.

 In 2003, He produced the Nara-Tokae event where the light from thousands of candles blends with the backdrop of historical Nara.

Modern interpretations of
traditional Nara pottery.

Toukaki is a piece of pottery which projects light from the candle inside around the room through its various designs and patterns.

This dreamy instrument was born in our atelier where we are committed to ceramic tea bowls. Our utmost masterpiece is the dreamy lights and shadows reflected on our walls or floors. Please enjoy this Toka-ki not just as a lighting instrument but a projector of dreamy illumination.
We hope that you will enjoy the world of beautiful candlelight.

 Produce / Direction / Exhibition such as current events are also involved.

SIZE : 12cm×12cm

Price U$ 190 (sales tax including)


SIZE : 12cm×15cm

Price U$ 362(sales tax including)


SIZE : 29cm×35cm

Price U$ 4286 (sales tax including)