Tatami is a traditional kind of mat flooring which has been used for a long time in Japan.  It is made from rice straw (IGUSA).

It feels cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather because it retains heat, and moderates the humidity in the room. It is still suitable for Japanese homes today.

Tatami is made from natural IGUSA rice straw. Japanese rooms are based on tatami sizes. Tatami mats have been used for a long time in Japanese homes. Fewer and fewer are being used however as other materials are replacing them. Japanese people find the unique scent from Tatami to have a healing quality.

Tatami mats hold a special place for Japanese from childhood. The demand for Tatami has reduced in Japan in recent years and with it the distinctive fragrance is being lost. However the craft of Tatami has been passed down through the geerations. The decline of Tatami is a reflection of some of the disappearance of Japanese culture. We hope to bring a little of Tatami to your appreciation, and let the world feel Japanese quality through tatami. We hope to bring some of the essence of Japanese in our range of Tatami products.

This practical and functional iPhone case is inspired by traditional Japanese Tatami. It protects the phone on both sides and also includes a pocket to keep your travel cards. The Igusa grass gives the cover a very warm and natural feeling. During the first weeks it also will have the typical grass-like smell of fresh Tatami until the green color turns yellow. The Tatami cover is made of soft rush straw that also serves as a cushion for the phone. It is light, soft, and stain resistant and offers superior flexibility. In 2012 the Tatami iPhone cover was awarded the Silver Award of the "Charming Japanese Souvenir Contest" by the Japanese Tourism Agency.  The Tatami iPhone cover is available in four variations of patterns and colors.

■Material: Igusa grass, Tatami (rush straw)
■Size: 247 x 406 mm (9.72 x 15.98 inches)
■Weight: 100g
■Suitable for: iPad1, iPad2, iPad3

Tatami-Pad iPad Cover

Price U$ 47 (sales tax including)