Kurosawa Scissors is a uniquely made-in-japan product to achieve the highest standards of hair cutting. Kurosawa Scissors is not just a standardised machine-made tool, but a product which is handmade by a craftsman with great care and attention to detail. The shape can possibly be copied but the quality of the edge is unique along with the satisfaction you get from its use. It can be opened wider than traditional ones, and it is perfect for all the styles of professional hairdressers. We can make this scissors to your exact specification.

 This scissors has been developed to reach your ultimate satisfaction. It is made to order by craftsmen who work hard to improve their technique everyday. The craftsmen blend together old techniques with the specification of the customer.

MThe technique of making scissors to the customer specification.
Improvement of skills

When inserting your fingers all the way into the holes or only the tips, it is possible to maintain balance and stability, so you can manoeuvre the scissors as if they are your own fingers for all styles such as blunt-cut, thin-cut, slide-cut, stroke-cut and scissors over comb.

To improve your cutting accuracy, you definitely need the best balance and stability. It’s probably easy to hold the scissors your own way first. As your skills develop and more precise techniques are needed, you will face the technical limit sooner than you had expected. That’s because hairdressers tend to get in a rut - cutting in the same old way which prevents them from improving their cutting skills.
The Kurosawa Scissors are not just a tool to cut hair. We think through how “hair” and “scissors” and “techniques” interact with one another, and then we research and develop how to minimize the strain. It is very simple, but because of the simplicity, you can achieve the best balance and stability when using our scissors which is the ultimate standard for all hairdressers.

Our scissors can readily help you materialize images. The scissors are a must-have for beginners, veterans and professionals. All hairdressers can improve their skills infinitely and maintain their love of cutting hair.


We will create the scissors to the exact specification of your order. We offer the premium scissors handmade in Japan. For you unique scissors, you can choose the exact size, the jewellery design, the metal carving and more.


After contact we will send you the specification document.

1. Chose a blade and a handle

2. Please design your original scissors
Choose a jewellery design for the screw such as diamond or zirconia.
Choose a jewellery design for the handle where the jewel will be inserted into the handle (diamond or zirconia).
Choose a font for your name sculpted onto the main body of the metal.
Choose the color of the titanium coating.
Choose a metal or a rubber (black or clear) handle.

3. Include your contact details when ordering. We will make sure that you are satisfied with the finished product by following up with you. Any adjustments can be made to achieve your perfect Kurosawa Scissors.

Kurosawa Scissors are crafted to the highest specification, handmade and polished to perfection. They are made for posterity.