It is believed that the ink brush dates from the Qin dynasty in China about 2,300 years ago. The Chinese ink brush was imported to Japan along with other aspects of Chinese culture in the sixth century. Kukai, a Buddhist priest who went across to China and mastered the craft of brush making, brought the technique back to Japan and then taught people in ancient Nara. This is believed to be the origin of the Japanese ink brush – Narafude. Narafude is still highly respected by professional calligraphers and experts of the ink brush artistry for its long history, superb quality which can transfer the artisan’s skills and spirit.

All processes of making Narafude are done by hand. The bristles are carefully selected from more than ten different kinds of animals for the perfect texture that is neither too coarse nor too soft and absorbs ink easily. Different qualities of various fur, flexibility, strength and length, are skilfully combined. The art of Narafude making is based on many years of the brush makers’ experience and experimentation.

The Art of the brush making
People often become attached to their writing tools. Why? It is perhaps because they want their writing tools to tell something about the owners just as words tell the story of the person. The act of writing letters is an important part of people’s lives.
Writing has been a method of communicating one’s thoughts and keeping records from ancient time and these days pencils, ballpoint pens and PCs also provide that function.
In Japan, writing with an ink brush has been a part of every life as it is a part of junior school curriculum. In modern Japan, ink brush writing is often used for cerebrations and special greetings.
KIKUNO the Geiko has been using this Narafude brush for writing thank you letters for a long time.
While fewer Japanese people use an ink brush for everyday writing these days, receiving a letter written with an ink brush gives you a sense of personal correspondence.

Natural Bamboo Brush Pen, engraved with KIKUNO’S name

Natural Bamboo Brush Pen,
engraved with KIKUNO’S name

■Water-soluble pigment ink ・bristle type
■With 2 extra cartridges
■Color: Red

This is the one KIKUNO uses for every day correspondence. She has been using it for a long time because of its ease of handling and writing.

Price U$28 (sales tax including)


Water-based pigment ink brush type

■Water-soluble pigment ink ・bristle type
■With 2 extra cartridges
■Color: Red Black

Exclusive Lacquer-coated pen using a sap off 1,500 year old urushi tree. With cherry blossom pattern.

Price U$143 (sales tax including)

Body Color